Wednesday, October 24, 2012

POMs Photos

Since the appearance of digital cameras, I have accumulated a number of photos taken at POMs meetings.  Many of these are accessible on the Web, but you have to know where to look, of course.  Recently, I have revised and edited the webpages I control, and I have added more pictures.

Some of Tito Scaiano's Group at the 37th POMS, in Buffalo.

The primary portal is the POMs photos webpage, in which there are links to other pages for specific meetings.  Also, I have uploaded most of the photos I have into sets on the image hosting website – Flickr.  These POMs photos sets are located – HERE.

If anyone has photos to add to these collections, please contact me - through my profile (at left).

Linda Johnston at Kathy McGilvray's poster (P36), at the 36th POMs.

Reminder: It's now time to register for the 40th POMs in Kingston.